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​I See Conservatives Everywhere and Sometimes They Don’t Even Know They are Conservatives

To paraphrase one of my favorite lines in the movie “The Sixth Sense”, “I see conservatives everywhere and some of them don’t even know they are”. They vote democrat because they believe that is the nice/fair thing to do. Even in a state like California (one of the liberal meccas of our nation) they have a hard time stopping conservative legislation (props).   Blame is abundant, it’s the Mormons fault, it’s all those fundamentalists throwing money at the state, and the conservatives did it. No. The people of California voted the way they felt was right about that particular issue….period.   I am not debating the merits one way or another only that when faced with the choice this is how they voted.
My guess is that many of the people who voted for this proposition actually believe they are loyal, liberal, democrats. On many issues people vote how they truly feel in the anonymity of the voting booth. Calling a person a conservative has become an epithet due to the aspersions cast by the media and the liberal establishment. It has gotten to the point that calling a person a conservative is seen as fighting words. Why? Because the picture painted by the media and the liberal establishment portrays us this way. At the moment they have all the paint brushes and they are not sharing.

I care about the poor. I do not think they should be over taxed. I think when helped they should be helped in a manner that benefits them the most. I believe we are stewards of the Earth and that we should manage and use it wisely using the resources it has to offer in a responsible fashion… I think we should tax all Americans fairly and when there is an opportunity to do so we should reduce those taxes if it is fiscally possible (taking what is necessary for essential government functions and managing it wisely and leaving as much as possible in the hands of the citizens that earned it). I believe we should be kind to those around us and render assistance when we can. I believe in treating others with respect and dignity without regard to their race, religion, ethnic background, social standing, sexual orientation, gender or any other identifying factor. I believe (and practice this belief) that we should help immigrants assimilate into our society (I believe they should enter legally). I believe in honoring and respecting those in the military. I believe in the constitutional law of the land and in obeying it. I love my country and am happy to live here. These are all conservative values. Are they yours as well?

Some might say conservatives don’t really believe these things. The truth is you would be hard pressed to find a conservative who did not believe in if not all those things then most of them. I cannot think of one of my conservative friends who do not believe in all of them. In fact most of the liberals I know would agree with most or all of them. It is the twisting of these beliefs into a caricature of reality that drives the media and the left. It makes your point but does not truly show reality. Many people only see the cartoon face they believe in they do not see the actual conservative behind this illusion.

A liberal I debate frequently said that nobody is really 100% anything. I know this to be true. In addition I would even say there are many who are not really sure where they stand. Most of us are probably a blend of philosophies. Even I have been called a moderate and on at least one occasion even a (shudder) a liberal because one thing or another that I believed or said did not fit the mold they thought I was cast in.

Let’s talk about libertarians just for a minute. Many (but not all of course) libertarians are either conservatives or liberals in drag. There may be one or two issues they disagree on but they are usually closer to one side or the other. My experience has been that many libertarians are conservatives that just do not want that label applied to them. During debates libertarians fall on the conservative side of the line on a fairly consistent basis. Sometimes it seems to me they are basically conservatives that want to smoke a little dope from time to time (since the legalization of marijuana seems to be the main thing I disagree with them on).

Now let’s talk about the so called religious right. A recent Pew poll found that 77% of all Americans said they went to church on a regular basis and that religion was important in their lives. Very few said they were atheist or that religion had no importance in their life. This means that most of you reading this right now are more likely than not to be in this category. You just might be a little more conservative than you think.

Obeying the constitutional law of the land is a conservative value. Something as simple as stopping at a red light and waiting even though there is no traffic is a conservative act. Not littering when you finish drinking your soda is a conservative act. So my friends you might just be more conservative than you think you are and not even know it yet. It really is not a bad thing like the media try’s to make it seem. In actuality it will take conservative actions to save our nation. Take fiscal liabilities for example. If our government does not become significantly more conservative in their spending our nation’s economic house will come tumbling down. Watch your head and your wallet when that happens (actually it might be a wheel barrow at that point because that is what you will need to do your shopping). Come out of the closet. Join us.

About Jim Farnsworth

Conservative writer for TACD news.


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