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TACD NFL Coach of the Year

JOSHUA KABAT – Just as I thought there was a no-brainer for NFL MVP, I felt the same for Coach of the Year.  My very short list, 2 names, might be different from others, but on the other hand, I was not really impressed by any of the other coaches not on my list.   … Continue reading

The Paranormal: Part 1

KANDY BARNES – OK…How many of you out there believe in ghosts?  I do.  I have been “visited”.  No, I do not want my own show. From the time I could pick up a book, even now, I read ghost stories.  Everything I watch on television is about the paranormal. It drives my husband crazy.  … Continue reading

Sugar, Cancers Best Friend

With the new year under way and the past behind us one thing that we may have brought with us into 2013 is not something any of us want to think about, cancer cells. Women tend to be more vigilant with their health than men do but that is not always enough. It has been … Continue reading

What the Sandy Bill Really Says About Our Congress

As the Senate prepares to pass the Sandy Hurricane Relief Act for $50.4 Billion, it’s worthwhile to consider this piece of legislation within the bigger picture of looming the fiscal crises. No one will deny that those citizens who were affected by this catastrophic and legendary storm deserve help. However, the bill perfectly encapsulates the … Continue reading

The President’s Case For No Negotiation

Within the confines of critical thinking passion predominates, and we often find ourselves rapidly moving away from critical cognition, and continued consideration for those that are diametrically opposed to a favored point of view.  However, if you do this you are then violating the primary tenet of the aspiring critical thinker, the hallmark. The hallmark … Continue reading

Republicans Sore Loser Bills Would Undermine U.S. Democracy

After Republicans lost an election that they could have easily won, there was a lot of speculation about what they would do to correct their issues.  There was a lot of finger-pointing and blaming within the party.  The immediate reaction seemed to be an internal Republican meltdown.  Many of us hoped that this would lead … Continue reading

The Warriors

In a discussion of anyone’s favorite directors, it’s unlikely that the name Walter Hill would come up.  In fact, most people probably couldn’t name any of his films.  However, I would bet you that most movie fans have seen at least one of the films he has directed.  Hill is the director of such hits … Continue reading


To begin with I would like to posit some facts as the basis for my discussion. I do not intend to debate these points as they are scientifically or legally established facts. 1. People have many inherent rights iterated by codified law. The most basic of which is the right to life. 2. Absent proper … Continue reading

Hey Republicans: Bring Back Simpson-Bowles

Perhaps the Republicans need to consider reviving the bipartisan Simpson-Bowles package as their Republican bargaining strategy over the next few months. The main stumbling block for Republicans –the tax increase for highest income earners — was settled during the Fiscal Cliff deal when the tax margin was raised for the $400/$450K threshold. Meanwhile, while the … Continue reading

A Key to Becoming Stress Free

As the middle of the school year rolls around, so much more stress seems to be loaded on the shoulders of any high school/college student out there. I have no idea what it is but all of a sudden it’s as if the whole world has decided to crap out a bunch of un-needed stress… … Continue reading

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