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4 Stars

Let me start this review by stating that I do not like James Bond movies at all.  I never got into any of them, except for maybe Casino Royale.  I didn’t hate the films, but was rather indifferent to them.  After having seen “Skyfall”, I may now very well be a James Bond fan.



I knew enough of the mythos of James Bond to feel comfortable knowing a lot of the back story of the characters in the Bond universe.  This movie made it very easy for first time Bond viewers to be able to become engrossed in the story.  Daniel Craig reprises his role of 007.  I really like Craig’s take on Bond.  Craig plays him a little rougher than other actors have.  In fact, Craig makes Bond seem a little more violent and not quite as suave.



Javier Bardem plays the villain in this movie.  I loved his villain in “No Country For Old Men” and he does not disappoint here.  He was just the right level of creepy.  Unlike the usual Bond villains, Bardem’s character is not after money or world destruction.  His motives are a little more personal.



The action scenes are exceptional and well done.  While there are a few over the top moments, most of the stunts are realistically done.  The motorcycle chase on top of the Grand Bazaar is amazing.  The final thirty minutes of the movie is one great thrill ride as well.  Without giving anything away, think “Home Alone” with weapons.



I highly recommend this movie.  If you are not a Bond fan, that is ok.  This movie could easily have stood on it’s own without the Bond franchise attached to it.  The acting is top notch, and there are many surprises for long time fans as well as first time Bond viewers.  So get yourself a martini (shaken, not stirred) and head to the theater.


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