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Legalizing Marijuana Usage in Washington State​​

Society is a crazy mind twisting confusing complex thing. With society we have many different groups. We have the people that are against drug usage and they protest against the idea of people smoking pot, then we have the group of people that protest against the people protesting against pot. If that isn’t confusing enough marijuana usage just got passed in Washington State (where I live) and all of a sudden everyone is one big happy family on the cover but people are bitter on the inside.
When Seattle was on the news the day that marijuana was passed in the state of Washington people blew smoke at the cameras making marijuana look like some kind of a luxury. I was stunned. Washington has now just been made one of the trashiest states for our lack of intelligence and self-respect for ourselves.


I mean hey if you want to smoke pot because it’s legal now… Go ahead but do it inside your own house and don’t make it look like the “cool” thing to do. Before we know it there will be eleven year olds walking down the Ave smoking a joint.
Just because marijuana is legal now doesn’t mean that you have the right to walk around and flaunt your weed. The only thing this does for the people that post the endless pictures of their marijuana smoke and their endless drug paraphernalia is make me internally lower my view on their intelligence level.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure you and your buddies are having a ball with this new law being passed and I’m not trying to blow your smoke out, I’m just stating my personal opinion on all this!

Dear Teen Weed smokers,
Before you go flaunting your weed… Realize just because it’s legal in the state of Washington doesn’t mean it’s legal for you. Weed is still illegal for those under the age of 21; you might want to realize that before you go posting your jar of weed on the internet. Also, the statement: “Yolo! It’s legal now,” does not work for you because of this.

Your fellow classmate that sees your endless marijuana photos— keeping things classy I see. (not)


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