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​Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid

Often we hear the expression about drinking the Kool-Aid Conservative consistently say it when we hear about people signing on to programs that we believe will ultimately hurt our nation and citizens. Often the very people seeming to benefit from these programs are hurt the most over time (sometimes for generations). When we suggest any modifications to these programs (towards being self-sufficient and employed for example) we are called haters. This is far from the truth.

Where does the expression don’t drink the Kool-Aid come from? One source is the Jonestown massacre when the Reverend Jim Jones convinced his followers to drink arsenic laced Kool-Aid rather than face the consequences of murders they had recently committed. There were some in the crowd who did not want to drink who were forced. In addition some who were actually giving the Kool-Aid to others never drank any themselves. Kool-Aid was the method of distribution because it was much easier to get the innocent children to drink it. It tasted good but it killed them nonetheless.

Many of the social programs instituted do indeed feel good. They seem good. They may indeed do some good. The problem is the long term and unintended results of many of these programs. This short piece is not to debate any particular policy or to debate any specific issue. It is more about the motive of most conservatives (and this conservative in particular) motivation in opposing many of these policies.

The motivation most often attributed to conservatives is hatred. We supposedly hate the poor, other races (though conservatives come from all races), the sick, immigrants (though the only immigrants we have a problem with are illegal immigrants), the environment and the list goes on. While this makes good press and sounds good to some the truth is much more complex.

Conservatives truly believe that the policies they are opposed to actually harm more people in the long run. They believe that many of the policies implemented by progressives will fundamentally change our nation, erode our freedoms and will in fact lead to more poverty and oppression in our nation and for our children. We sincerely believe that the policies we support will lead to prosperity, freedom, responsibility, success and happiness for more Americans than the progressive alternatives. We believe in long term solutions more than short term fixes.

For many of us the motivation for our beliefs is actually love. Love of freedom, love of our families, love of God, love of our nation and yes my liberal friends love of you. We want to see you succeed in the American dream as much as any other citizen of this great nation. It is not because we hate you that we ask you to not drink the koolaid. Unlike the parents in Jonestown we care enough to warn you about the poison in all that sweetness.

As in Jonestown so also in DC there are those who are asking you to drink the koolaid. Also like Jonestown many of those asking you to partake will not be drinking any themselves. Many (but not all) of them know it is poison they are asking you to drink. It suits their purposes to have you drink it to meet their plans. Many of you will ignore or even suggest that you are not the ones drinking the tainted Kool-Aid but we are. History will be the judge of that but only if we are allowed to write the truth in that history. I ask again please do not drink the Kool-Aid. Peace.

About Jim Farnsworth

Conservative writer for TACD news.


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