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America Please Put Down the Fake Guns!

I am writing you as a citizen of this great nation.  I am dismayed that we are so cavalier about killing our fellow citizens.  What is the reason?  Aren’t we taught in kindergarten to love your neighbor? How are we forgetting this?  After this week’s great tragedy in Newtown, Conn, solutions are running rampant about how to solve this issue.  Some want gun control; some think god should be made a part of the everyday curriculum in public schools.  I have my own  theory….

As a young teen, my son was very into games like ghost recon, grand theft auto, and other warfare games that glorified death.  I didn’t really pay much attention at first then I began to see how these games depict death.  In grand theft auto, it is perfectly ok to run through town with a machete, slashing policeman and little old ladies on the street, or maybe just beat them with a bat, or run them over with your car.  Modern warfare games give you the feeling of battle, without the PTSD that comes with it.  Reading articles about kids who take part in mass shootings, the trend seems to be similar, kind of loners, no real brushes with the law.  One study I have not noticed, how many of these young men play these shooting games?  The mass murderer in Norway stated he used Modern Warfare 2 as a means to practice for the real thing.  Look at the style of these shootings, the shooters wear flak jackets, carry a multitude of weaponry, they are playing a game in their sick mind, what’s worse, is they still won’t have to suffer from PTSD, they seemed to be void of compassion and caring for anyone, including themselves.

This is where I place blame, the video game makers who glorified killing, and made it ‘cool’ to murder at will. I wonder what this world would be like without these games.


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