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Facebook Friends

Back eight years ago I’m sure that Mark Zuckerberg didn’t know as he was launching Facebook that he was doing much more than just making a website for college students to interact with each other. Facebook has now become a part of teens’ daily routines as they practically eat
breathe and sleep the Facebook networking.  Back before Facebook was invented, the dictionary definition of a friend “is a relationship between two people who hold mutual affection for each other” (Wikipedia) could easily be used to describe a friend.
Now that Facebook is so popular, most people don’t even know the real meaning of a friend.  Facebook has completely reconstructed the term friend. Friend used to be somebody that people could turn to in a time of dire need and somebody that they could send a message or give a phone call to at any time of the day. Now when people look over at the little rectangular box on the left side of their Facebook page, they see their so-called “friends” and to the different high school students that were surveyed when they look over a large portion of those “friends” are just strangers. To the people surveyed their friends on Facebook are a cluster of “cute girls” or “cute boys”, people that look the same as they do, people with enough mutual friends, or someone that they have heard of. Since when did people start calling the most popular meat head in the whole school their friend when they have never spoke one word to them? This happened when  Facebook entered the social networking industry like a bat out of hell.


In an article by Stephen Marche on the Atlantic Magazine he says, “It’s clear that social interaction matters. Loneliness and being alone are not the same thing, but both are on the rise. We meet fewer people. We gather less.”
Stephen Marche makes an extremely valid point in this quote. When we use Facebook as our meeting ground to meet new people we don’t have the motivation to meet them in person. Now a days when people want to catch up with each other they do it over Facebook instead of over
coffee or lunch. What kind of a friend is that? The people we are friends with on Facebook that we don’t actually know are not really our true friends out of the cyber world but really fake friends that we have accumulated in our time on Facebook.


Facebook is so addicting and has manipulated us to think we have more “friends” than we do because “addition to the above, “it is exposed that ‘Facebook Love’ is quite addictive. It seems to end up as a place one wants to be every time, since it creates a false sense of security and communality,” this was said by Paul Ayodele Onanuga.
As you can see now the term “friend” has been changed from someone you can trust and rely on to someone you may not even know but find sexual attraction towards. As you can see people are no longer friends through their proximity but through their consciousness of the persons existence or appeal.


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