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Understanding School Scheduling

As I visited Kansas a couple years ago a lot of time was spent trying to get me to understand what a “block schedule” was. Living in Washington something we always talked about having in our school district was a block system but the school district offices never followed through with it. As I’ve entered running start I got a glimpse into what some block schedule classes are. Block schedule classes are when classes rotate around a daily schedule. You might have classes one, two, and three on Mondays and Wednesdays and classes four, five, and six on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

As I looked deeper into the block system, I began to open my heart to the idea of it, instead of shutting it out because we’d have change in our school and that’s something I don’t like all the time. I began to like the block system more and more and I came to the realization that block schedule pro’s overcome the con’s. Students would have the chance to work on homework a day longer and wouldn’t be rushed into homework every day from a specific class. Teachers would get a longer amount of time to teach per day and wouldn’t have to worry about the light going on for the next class interrupting their lecture. The week would seem to go by faster because you wouldn’t dread six long classes per day.

Another topic that Wenatchee Learns discussed was year round school. Once this was said during the assembly, half the student body was thinking, “What. The. Hell”. Most of us were thinking there is no way in hell that we are going to not have a summer break. But when looking into the break times year round school has a cumulative two month break distributed throughout the year and has near the same amount of educational days as other schools but just has breaks given more often. The online newspaper; huffingtonpost.com also gave me some very valid reasons why year round school might be the way to go. Summer break puts a lot of stress on parents. How to keep their kids entertained all summer long, what day care to send them off to, what babysitter to hire, and by the end of the summer all this stress is side by side with relief that the school year is about to finally start up again. With year round school, parents won’t have to worry about that as much. After I’ve spent a long few months out of school I feel stupid. Like “I should be sent back to the first grade” kind of stupid. My guesstimate is with year round schools and their shorter breaks students are less likely to forget as much as other students who spend three months out of school.

As I’ve done my research I’ve realized that change in my school district might not be such a bad thing. What the hell were the teachers thinking when they were voting against this stuff?


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