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Republicans Fight, Against American Interests​​

The election is over. President Barack Hussein Obama II was the victor, and the work of moving this nation FORWARD begins apace. Unfortunately, there are some Americans who don’t quite see it that way. There are Republicans who are bitter, visibly upset, and who are still utilizing doublespeak against all Americans. They acknowledge the President’s win. They heard the American voice. They say the word “compromise”, but they behave differently.


America faces an impending debt crisis. The so-called “Fiscal Cliff” looms large in our future. The primary Republican message of the need to fix the economy has not vanished with the President’s election victory.

The need to help accelerate the creation of jobs is still there. Just to be clear, many of us recognize that job creation is a function of only two things: innovation and demand. Not taxes increases or tax breaks. We know the economic cycle will create jobs no matter who won the election. The critical concern is how quickly we can create those jobs, what kind of jobs they are, and how we can craft an economic environment that will help stimulate the pace of growth. In this, government can be indispensable.
One would think the Republicans would still be on message and working to gain favor with America by concentrating on the same subject they had been harping on all year: JOBS!  After all, IT’S THE ECONOMY STUPID!  Right?  No, WRONG! For the GOP establishment, that is apparently not the case.

Instead of jobs, the Fiscal Cliff, and economic stability, what do we get? We get the classic bait and switch. We get scandal and conspiracy. We get the sound and the fury of the adult whining and wishing to be winning. We get the GOP closing ranks and yelling to the rafters about Benghazi, and accusing the Obama administration of conspiring to lie to the American people for the purpose of ensuring a win for President Obama.

That kind of emotional manipulation falls right in line with the asininity of my own state. Georgia’s top GOP General Assembly members wasted tax dollars on the creation of a presentation that attempted to demonstrate how President Obama used mass mind control to turn America into a communist dictatorship. This utter stupidity must stop!

This is some of the most irritating, irresponsible, and mind-blowing pig-eyed sack of shit any of us have ever seen since…..well, I guess since the last bit of GOP stupidity. Birthers, perhaps?

It’s absolutely pathetic, and every American should be completely outraged. By every American, I do mean every last one, including those who consider themselves conservative and who fervently support the Republican party and its ideals. The GOP leadership is continuing to play power politics instead of addressing our national concerns.
Is the Benghazi incident a tragedy? Absolutely, without equivocation.  Were there lapses in security? Perhaps. Will they be addressed?  They most certainly will, and we must ensure that they are addressed by holding our officials accountable. That responsibility starts with the people who are in harm’s way on the ground.

Regardless of the aforementioned concerns, to politicize this issue is a clear and blatant attempt to create a national distraction. In so doing, the GOP can thereby continue their attempt to control the national dialogue so that they can maintain influence. This is unconscionable.

Call your legislators and tell them this cannot stand. Tell them to focus on the debt. Tell them to focus on the Fiscal Cliff.  Tell them to pass a jobs bill. Tell them work on compromise. Tell them to move FORWARD! Tell them to NOT lose sight of what is critically important to all Americans.

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Aspiring critical thinker, author, motivational speaker, prime motivator.


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