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What Does an Obama Win Mean?

November 6, 2012 is a week behind us.  The President of the United States of America remains Barack Hussein Obama II.  Those of us who pushed for 4 more for 44 did our part along with the rest of tomorrow’s America.  And what do I mean by tomorrow’s America?  I mean the American of today that as one television personality put it, “Look at the crowd for Obama … looks like a Bennetton ad!”  America has been and always will be the refuge of the free, the home of those brave enough to try, to strive, to realize the ideal, and defend it.  President Obama for many of us epitomized that ideal.  But in truth … what does it mean?


Liberal doesn’t mean lazy dolists anymore than conservative means stupid anti-intellectual religious zealot.  However these labels do serve to bitterly divide us, and just like many fall headlong into insanity and seek to draw blood in support of their sports team, we as Americans have taken the time-honored, hard fought tradition of successful political transition and transformed it into sport, extremely high-stakes entertainment.


We know that our nation is the preeminent symbol of freedom and the embodiment of the modern democratic franchise.  We must also remember that at one time this nation fought bitterly over what type of future we would embody, a conflict that echoes loudly still.  These things make for the heady brew that is American politics, far better of course than some countries, but for those of us in its midst, still leaving something to be desired.  We fight.  We threaten cessation.  We may still draw blood.  We become bitter.  We stand on either side of the ideological divide and call each other Un-American.


What does an Obama win mean?


To me personally, it means the tide is turning.  I don’t see it as a win for the Democratic Party or vaunted Progressive ideals.  I don’t see it as the triumph of Liberalism.  First, and foremost I see it as the triumph of the fore-mentioned idealistic Bennetton ad.  It is America not as a melting pot, but rather a tossed salad, all of us together united, celebrating our distinctiveness while at the same time extolling our unity.  We are one and different, a beautiful and precious paradoxical dichotomy.  The continuance of the 44th President means a triumph of aspiring rationality.  It is not a celebration of extremes.  It is a belief that here in America, we can still do great things.  Yes, a Black man is still residing in authority at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and a rich cross-section of ethnically diverse American humanity made that possible.


What does an Obama win mean?


It means that we take another step forward.  It means that those who seek to mire us in the past, hold up the virtues of men and women who castigate, categorize, and impugn don’t hold sway over us all, that they remain what they are, growing anachronisms. It means that we see more clearly where the truth lies, and that a man who in the final weeks of the election ran speedily from the extremes of his party, and hastily towards an etch-a-sketch, miming the President in policy position, with money galore, cannot and will not claim power, not when the need is so great.  It means the so-called small-folk, the little people, those that some might think don’t matter, the 47% can stand, be seen, be counted, be vindicated, be true, and lay claim to that which is rightfully theirs, the highest ideals and aspirations of America.  This is their country.  It is our country, and this win clarifies that.  It rings true.  I voted 4 more for 44, and for that … I am proud.  God bless President Obama, and God bless the United States of America.

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Aspiring critical thinker, author, motivational speaker, prime motivator.


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