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​Yoga Pants

As I strolled into the high school the other day, I heard a small rumor, “Mr. Franza is going to make yoga pants against school rules!” Some preppy freshmen whined. I nearly stopped dead in my tracks. As people started bumping into me in the over crowded hall ways I decided to speed up while I pondered this statement. I looked down at my daily attire of yoga pants and my North Face and wondered what reasoning my Principal could have for banning the yoga pants in the first place. The males of the school sure don’t have a problem with girls wearing tight pants that define their back sides, so why should the Principal?

I came to the conclusion that my principal believed that yoga pants must be a ‘distraction’ to the fellow boys of the school, and the only way that he noticed it was a problem, was by noticing it himself.

What the school staff doesn’t realize is that girls don’t wear yoga pants just to ‘distract’ the males of the student body. Yoga pants are not only comfortable but also come in different brands, stretch to fit different shaped bodies, and yes they do also define the back sides of the girls that have something to show off. Personally I think that the

Principal should care more about the comfort of girls then the perverted boys of WHS.

On the flip-side, other then the current yoga pants controversy.. The rule that we can’t staple our pants to our shoes has now been lifted!


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