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The Benghazi Attack: My In-depth Investigation into What Went Wrong that Tragic Night: ​ Part 2

I explored possible fault in my investigation part I.  Now let’s look at some other aspects of this tragic day.  I am not necessarily placing blame here, but I do find it curious that on 9/11 the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, released a statement out of the blue disavowing the You Tube film disgracing Muslims.  The general consensus is saying that this video had nothing to do with the attack, but why was this statement released on 9/11?   Who in the Cairo Embassy, or the White House allowed this statement to be released? On 9/11, since the Benghazi attacks were so devastating, no one really mentioned the other attacks worldwide against US interests.  After the U.S. Embassy in Cairo released its statement against the video, there was a protest outside that spilled over the walls of the embassy.  No U.S. personnel were hurt, but the American Flag was taken down, burned and ripped to shreds, then replaced by the black Salafist flag, which in more common terms is known as the flag of Jihadism.

After the attack, the FBI did a quick overhaul of the consulate in Benghazi, almost one month after the attack.  The State Department decided to wait a period of time to let tensions ease, although when the FBI entered the grounds, tensions grew in the area, and another attack was feared.  The FBI was only on site an hour or two before they needed to evacuate for their own safety.    While in the embassy, some papers where found that were dated Sept 9th, requesting more security at the consulate for the impending visit of ambassador Stevens.  Further documents recovered, stated that, even though the Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that there would be heightened security, there was no extra security noted by embassy personnel.  This was a critical breakdown of Libyan security; as a result the Benghazi Chief of Police has been fired.  After his firing, he refused to leave the premises, and since his subordinates support him, the new police chief has been kept out of the building, unable to take over his new post.  These actions are proof positive that Libya is not responsible enough to take care of its own security, much less assist with ours.

The big cornerstone of this investigation has remained, why did the Obama Administration stand behind the thought that this attack was due to an anti-Muslim video?  The answer is really two fold.  First, the Obama administration cannot divulge under cover CIA operations to the general public.  This attack resulted in the death of two CIA operatives, due to this fact; the investigation moved into top secret status, this is typical of any CIA mission, good or bad.  2 hours after the attack, the State Department, and the White House were advised that Ansar Al-Sharia claimed responsibility for the Benghazi attack.  As with any attack on US interests, there is normally several militant groups that stand in line to claim responsibility.  This was no different.  Ahmed Abu Khattala, who in the commander of the Abu Obaida Bin Jarrah militia, claimed that he was at the embassy attack, but did not take part, even though local government officials suspect his group as part of the attack.  The fact is, the US cannot stand behind every claim of responsibility as credible.  Not all of them are credible.  They did receive the emails regarding the involvement of Al-Sharia, but the day after the attack a spokesman for Al-Sharia denied any involvement.  This is not typical of terrorist acts in the name of Jihad.  It is considered an honor to kill Americans in these attacks.  Al-Sharia denying involvement probably means they indeed were not involved.  It has been widely thought that the North African group associate with Al Quada was actually behind the attack in 9/11.

In the wake of the attack, there were also questions about why certain groups in the American government were not called up after the attack began.  FOX news brought up the FEST team in one of its reports, as if this team is meant to go fight in war zones.  This team is known as the Forward Engineer Support Team.  They are called in to help with structural engineering after these attacks, why FOX even mentioned them is a mystery to me.  This team’s most vital function is providing command and direction for the Army Corp of Engineers.  They are not a fighting force.   The question has been posed, why did the Counterterrorism Security Group and the CIA’s Global Response Staff not meet that night.  Under normal circumstances this would have been appropriate, however on this night, it just so happened that the president was already meeting with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey.  With that dream team already meeting, who needs anyone else?  I do feel the CIA’s global response team could have been activated that night, but not sure it would have made a difference.  Forces were moved closer to the situation on the order of Panetta, to Sicily, less than 500 miles from the attack.  Since the situation was still unclear, the order to attack was not given.  The initial reports from FOX about a drone over the consulate were false; the drone captured the ending of the attack, not the entire action.   FOX made it seem that this drone showed a play-by-play of this attack, it did not.  Have you watched drone footage?  It is grainy at best and since this was at night, it would have been almost impossible to see what was really going on.
In closing, I think the US government holds some serious responsibility in this attack.  I do not see any fault in the response to the attack.  I do see fault in the security before the attack.  The CIA operatives in the Annex should have been more equipped, and there should have been more.  The American government needs to stop using local governments to secure our interests.   If this Embassy would have been protected by American forces only, this may have turned out much different.  I find fault in the FOX news network publishing reports that were complete lies, starting with quoting men in the CIA annex, even though these men were already dead, for FOX to have been correct, they had to have interviewed a dead operative


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