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The Benghazi Attack: My In-depth Investigation into What Went Wrong that Tragic Night​

Over the past two weeks, I have read over 50 articles regarding the Benghazi attacks on Sept 11th 2012.   It appears there were some breakdowns as I have discovered, there are some half-truths, and ‘unnamed sources’ that have clouded the actual events.  I am doing this investigation based solely on the facts I have gathered, I find fault on just about every front involved in this tragedy.

I have found the following faults in this attack, and the ensuing fatalities:

The earliest fault I find is with the US Government and the use of foreign militias to protect our interests abroad.  This is a common occurrence.  The US Government contracts with locals in countries to enhance security at Consulates, Embassies, and other US installations.  The February 17th militia needed to be interviewed after the attack; however, they went into hiding.  I have found it curious that the militia was on duty in the two guard shacks near the pedestrian gate in the compound.  This gate is the one that was somehow left open to allow access to the attackers.  The February 17th brigade is an Islamic leaning militia that the US contracted to help protect the consulate.  This fact proves that the US needs to cease this practice in other consulates worldwide.  The United States needs to be the only group providing personnel protecting our interests.

There were three guards from the February Militia on duty that night, along with five guards from Blue Mountain, a British Security contractor.  There were also two ‘security contractors’ on duty that night in the consulate.  These guards were actually CIA operatives.  Since this attack fell under the CIA veil, it has been shrouded in secrecy as per protocol for any CIA operation.  This is the reason why not all facts have been publicly released right away.  This is also the reason President Obama and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta have not been able to speak about too many specifics.  This investigation is ongoing and Top Secret, as per CIA and FBI investigation standards.

I found it very suspicious that one of the February 17th Militia members, Anwar, was cornered during the assault by a group of attackers, and all he had to say was, ‘there doesn’t have to be blood spilled here.’  After he said that, the attackers led him out of the compound.  I think this man may be the one who needs serious interrogation about his involvement with the attackers.

I also find it curious that one of the February 17th militia members, Mikhlaf, was confronted and beaten by a group of attackers as they shouted, “You are not a Muslim, you help the people who are against Allah and say bad things about the Prophet.” This suggests that there may be a chance that some of these attackers really were protesting the anti Muslim video.  Both Nasser and Libya, two more of the February Militia, reported seeing a man who was ‘Afghan looking.’  He wore a robe with jeans on underneath, both men state he was not Libyan, and that Libyans don’t dress like this.  After reading the interviews of the guards by reporter Steven Sotloff from Time World, I find that all the guards were of Middle Eastern descent.  These guards were only beaten and insulted, but none were actually killed.  They were all eventually led out of the compound.  One was beaten unconscious and shot, but survived, and was transported to a nearby hospital.

I am not trying to be to overcritical of all the February Militia.  I find some of their actions that day suspect; however, they did help significantly.  When the operatives arrived in the area of the compound, they would have been overwhelmed quickly if it weren’t for the February Militia, which was already involved in a firefight with the attackers outside the compound.  Eventually the militia escorted the CIA operatives to the compound.

I have not been able to find one shred of evidence that backs up FOX’s ‘unnamed source’ claim that State Department officials told the security forces in the Annex in Benghazi to ‘stand down.’ I find fault in FOX News’ Jennifer Griffin’s report that the two former Navy SEALS that were stationed in the Annex, who were later killed, ever received orders to ‘stand down’.  No proof has ever surfaced to substantiate this claim.  Since these brave men died in the attack, we have no way of interviewing them to find out if they were told or were not told to ‘stand down’.

Since the US involvement in Libya has been controversial from the beginning, a case may have been made to remove all non-military personnel from the country until tensions ease.  I do fear though that with this move, the US may have seemed weak and unable to protect its personnel.

My next concern is with the ‘annex’.  This safe house was approx 2 KM from the consulate and was a clandestine location that was top secret.  The CIA operatives in this safe house should have been better armed.  There was a failure to properly equip these operatives.  Their vehicles consisted of a BMW sedan and a Mercedes SUV.  They should have had heavy weapons on hand, and vehicles equipped to enter a war zone.  The reason for the delay, after the initial reports of the attack, was the CIA operatives trying to get heavier arms from local militias.  This included the February militia, who had already left their compound to assist their fellow guards in peril.  I am embarrassed that our government officials did not have these men ready for any possible contingency.  We should never force troops, operatives, or any other government officials to rely on the ability of another country’s ability to stock our arms.


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