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Don’t Tread on Me

Freedom is a precarious thing, complex and unwieldy.  On its face, it looks simple.  In fact, you may grab hold of it and feel perfectly comfortable.  You may think you can manage it very well, and for the most part you would be right, considering perspective.  You could live your whole life with this vision of freedom, and actually live it …freedom and simplicity, no need for clarification, we know what it is, and we live it.
But, if you but step to the side.  If, you but change your perspective, and perhaps consider freedom beyond yourself, or consider your personal freedom as it intersects with others and creates conflict … well, now we have something all-together different.  Suddenly, with the introduction of added perspective, heightened emotions, human needs and wants, quite suddenly and often rather quickly, freedom becomes a complex thing indeed.
Don’t tread on me, and don’t tread on my freedom.
American freedom is most certainly a complex thing.  It’s a hard thing, and you have to really want it.  You have to be okay with someone being gay, so long as their being gay does not in some way impede your right to be straight. You have to be okay with someone being Muslim, so long as their being Muslim does not in some way impede with your right to not be Muslim.  You have to be okay with a woman getting equal pay and guarding her personal rights to her own body, so long as her getting equal pay does not somehow dictate you earning less, or her controlling her body does not somehow infringe on your right to do things to your body, or with your body, such as having children.   Freedom is a personal thing, American freedom is a very personal thing, on top of its complexity. If there is one thing I know for certain, without equivocation, today’s GOP does not know what freedom is, let alone American freedom, and they in no way support American liberty.
I know some of you will not view the things I stated as indicative of freedom and liberty.  I know when I say you have not widened your perspective, lack compassion, have not elevated your humanity, you will argue that I am wrong.  I try not to be strident; however, as many of you who are ideologues often say, sometimes you must stand on principle.  In this, freedom and liberty for all Americans no matter their ethnicity, nation of origin, religion, sexual orientation, or circumstance, I will stand on principle, and I refuse to sit down.  This is non-negotiable.  We all should be free to live under the freedom provided the Constitution of the United States of America.
Consider this critically when you hear the rhetoric of the Republican Party.  Consider this critically when their actions equal their words. Consider freedom and liberty. Your vote matters, and what you want for others, what you believe they should be able to do, is directly impacted by what you decide.  Will you support giving them the right to determine their own destiny as Americans, or will you dictate to them, and tell them how to live.  Consider it critically.

About D.S. Brown

Aspiring critical thinker, author, motivational speaker, prime motivator.


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