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Things Really are Looking Up for President Obama​

I must say, in the past four years, there have been moments of doubt, moments of despair, but I never lost faith in our president.  Now that he has won reelection, we can look back at the results we are left with from the past four years.  When Bush left office, unemployment was in the middle of a skyrocketing jump, GDP was down, houses were foreclosing left and right, the few that could qualify for a loan, bought houses at a dirt cheap price.  America was involved in two wars, costing a billion dollars a month to run.  Rich people were given tax cuts, paid almost none of the taxes, yet were not creating any jobs.  Why is that?  This is the thought process correct?  Rich people pay less, they create jobs; well let’s look at the years since Bush gave them their tax cuts.  The unemployment rate spells it out; they have done nothing but horde their fortunes and not help this country by creating any jobs…..here anyway.
I read a report today that said the GDP was up to the highest in the past 4 years, unemployment is at 7.8%, down 2% since Obama’s first year, Housing prices are beginning a slow climb, and home builders are showing interest in building.  Things are really looking up, I am excited to see how he helps our country recover further.  I do not think President Obama will allow America to fall off the ‘fiscal cliff’ in January.  Although, If Republicans do not budge, it may happen.  President Obama has proven over and over that he is not afraid to us his Executive Order, to get things done that need to be done, this will include preventing us from falling over the ‘fiscal cliff’.


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