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​The Obama Debate Beat Down

There was fear that he would go too far.  There was fear that he would not go far enough.  After President Obama’s performance in the first debate, there was the fear that the path FORWARD was closed, abdicated by our chosen leader who in a moment of weariness let the Great Prevaricator yank the baton from his hand and lean into the wind, sprinting all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


Mitt Romney is the Great Prevaricator, and he has locked in the minds of those who worship at the altar of conservatism, no matter the degree.  If you look up the definition of conservative you will see that the behavior of those that claim this title certainly fits the definition.  They can manage to all stand together and support a principle, a policy, a candidate, and be violently divergent in other areas, setting their disagreements aside for the greater good of the ideology, liberals are incredibly challenged in doing the same (remember Blue Dog Democrats?).


The Great Prevaricator lied his way to victory in the first debate.  He was impassioned, he attacked, he was disrespectful, he leaned into conflict showering the crowd with lies that hyped the base and shocked the fact-checkers. “Mr. President, tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas?  I don’t know what you’re talking about?”  Not a precise quote, but if you watched, you saw, you felt the power of his conviction.  The great Prevaricator won.  He owned the President, who clearly wanted to be at home with his wife celebrating his anniversary.


Conservatives celebrated.  The polls shifted.  People were shocked as the President’s lead eroded.  Many of us, myself included, were not.  We figured the people who were going to vote for Romney anyway finally came out of hiding.  Let’s be honest, and I don’t care who you are or how you feel, the truth is there is a rather large population persistent in this country that has been, and will continue to be on the edge of apoplexy over the fact that a black man is sitting in the Oval Office.  These same people vote for their team, the GOP War On America team against any democrat in every election.  They don’t give a damn about the principles.  However, this added bit of pepper in the mix was beyond the pale.  Obama made them insane.  Socialism, Communism, Terrorism, Fascism, Muslim, Manchurian candidate, ignorant monkey from Kenya, you name it they said it, and actually pursued it in our courts.  But, round two in the debates was looming, clearly the brown bomber had decided to take the gloves off.  He was ready to enter the ring, and win.


In the second debate the Maniacal Mormon Mastermind faced the Critical Thinking Chi-Town Swagger Man.  He was cool.  He remained collected, and still managed to evince a mien and an approach that broke body blows to Romney’s torso, his ears, his eyes, all over his head.  Romney was turning red.  He was blowing it.  The President smiled.  As facts fought with prevarication a culminating moment ended the debate early.  The President most certainly called the Libyan attack an act of terror.  The look on Romney’s face will stand for all time … the look of desperation, and abject defeat, only to be followed by women in binders.
Round three was the ultimate beat down, and I must use the word beat down because that is what it was, an adult, articulated, sometimes humorous, even crass, educated, fact-based, critical thinking, ninety minute beat down.  The facts prevailed in such a strong fashion as to blast incredulity into the minds of the pundits.  As time passed they would descend into malaise and call the debate a waste of time, no critical questions asked, let alone answered, no issues of import addressed, although many of us would disagree, many of us saw the sweat on the upper-lip of the Great Prevaricator.  We heard the quip that cut with a razor’s edge, “horses and bayonets …”  We heard Governor Romney whine about being attacked, letting his spine bend, seeking a lifeline from his FOX fans, who complained about the rude black man who was clearly spewing nonsense and hyperbole.  They could say this because they disavow facts, much like their leader, the Great Prevaricator.  It was a beat down, and it was earned.  In the end we did see something good from Romney, he could wear an ass-whipping, and that’s okay.

More important, is how we saw our President after the debate.  Obama didn’t lord his victory over Romney.  He didn’t exaggerate his swagger.  No, in fact what he did was hug and kiss his wife, and then they both proceeded to greet Romney and his family.  He clearly delighted the children.  The commander-in-chief was friendly, open, and every bit Presidential.  He was our leader, and he clearly wears that mantle very well.  I am proud to call Barack Hussein Obama II my President.  He earned my vote in 2008, and he earned it again in 2012 (I voted already).  OBAMA-BIDEN 2012!

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