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This week I found a Facebook page entitled ‘f*ck the troops’.  I couldn’t believe my eyes, maybe ‘the troops’ were a rock band, or a group of thugs that weren’t popular.  To my dismay I found this page is the real thing, they don’t support our troops, they relish in the death of soldiers.  The first post by the admin read ‘Thankfully a few more US soldiers met their end last night, got what they deserved for not staying home. ‘.  What this person’s major malfunction shows is ignorance about the military mindset.  It is widely thought that military just needs to come home, or at least part of them.  Most military are very honored to be defending our country, families are proud of their kids who fight our enemies in foreign theaters    I have watched young men in hospital beds, missing a leg, or an arm, cussing and losing their minds, it isn’t because they lost a limb, it isn’t because they may never walk again, they feel like they have abandoned their post.  The proud soldiers in our armed forces are like a huge family, the injured feel like they are letting the platoon down by not being able to participate.  Some of the PTSD they feel does not come from their injuries, but comes from the guilt that they feel when they hear another brother was killed while they sat in a bed with a tear soaked pureed meal sitting cold in front of them.  No Mr F*ck you, they shouldn’t come home until the work is done.  When we left Iraq, we left as a team, we will leave Afghanistan as a team.  I may not agree with the politics that brought troops to Iraq, but I will never end my support of the sacrifice they make.   To wish death on our soldiers is un-American, treasonous, and if we ever start the tradition of  hanging people at high noon, I sincerely hope that you will be at the front of that line…..get a rope.​


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