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​Argument Against Obama Debunked

Obama’s the worst President ever!  No, I don’t believe that.  That’s what I hear from everyone who is opposed to him in this election.  When I ask them what makes him the worst President in history, they only have a handful of answers.  Most of the answers center on how much money he has spent.  These people are in a panic about the debt of $16 trillion.  I don’t remember any of these people panicking about the $10 trillion debt that our country had when Bush left office.  Most of the other attacks are nonsense such as he is socialist, communist (because these people don’t know the difference), Muslim, and hasn’t done anything good for our country.  The last argument is the one that really gets me fired up.

There are two problems with that argument.  First, these people seem to forget that congressional Republicans have spent the last two years fighting every initiative that President Obama has supported.  This has led to very little progress (which was evidenced by the fact that this congress passed fewer bills into law than any congress in history), but the responsibility lies with congressional Republicans, not with the President.  If he were to issue executive orders to get these measures passed, they would be accusing him of abusing his authority.

The other problem I have is that, despite the best efforts of Republicans, President Obama has accomplished quite a bit during his term.  Here’s a short list of some of those accomplishments:
• His economic policies have pulled us from a recession that was heading towards a depression.  The U.S. GDP has grown from 14.07 trillion when President Obama took office to 15.83 trillion in July of this year.  Unemployment was 8.3 percent when the President took office in 2009.  Shortly after he was inaugurated, this number topped out at 10 percent.  Even though he had initiatives such as the Bringing Jobs Home bill blocked by Republicans, he has brought unemployment down to 7.8 percent.
• He worked to pass the Affordable Care Act, bringing the health care reform that people have been wanting for years.  Today, millions of Americans are now insured due to this bill.  Studies have indicated that this reform will decrease health care spending in the long run as well.
• Reformed Wall Street with the Consumer Financial Protection Agency Act which
• After 9 years of war, the United States has finally pulled out of Iraq.
• Under President Obama’s direction, the United States military found and eliminated Osama Bin Laden.
• Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was repealed for our military bringing more equality to our armed forces.
• Benefits were extended to same-sex partners of federal employees.
• Advocated for and signed the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act.
• Signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, furthering equal rights for women.
• Ended the Bush-era practices of “enhanced interrogation,” which is a nice way to say torture.
• Signed the Iran Sanctions Act, furthering the sanctions against Iran in an effort to curb Iran’s nuclear  program.
• He began the process of training Afghan troops to replace American troops so that the U.S. could begin withdrawing its troops.
• Established a “Credit Card Bill of Rights” meant to protect consumers.
• Increased funding to the Department of Veterans Affairs
• Increased student financial aid.
• Reformed the student loan program so that students could refinance their education at a lower rate.
• Created the Race to the Top program, encouraging school reforms.
• Furthered the opportunities for higher education by expanding the Federal Pell Grant program.
• Worked with Michelle Obama to pass the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act to improve nutrition in schools and improve children’s health.

There are hundreds more examples that I can give of the accomplishments that President Obama has made during his term in office.  In fact, there are websites out there like whattheheckhasobamadonesofar.com that do just that.

I don’t mind if someone doesn’t agree with the President’s policies.  The ability to have different perspectives and beliefs is a fundamental right of our nation.  However, ignoring the accomplishments of the President simply because members of the opposing political party have said that he has done nothing of value is pure mindless conformity.  Do not simply allow these people to ignore evidence and misconstrue the facts to gain power.  They are counting on your blind acceptance of their propaganda to put themselves in a position to improve their own lives at the expense of those who President Obama has spent the last four years protecting – the middle class.  We live in the age of information.  Don’t accept the lies and propaganda that Republicans have been using as their platform in this election.  Look at the facts and make an informed decision in November.  I believe that, if you do, you will cast your vote to re-elect President Obama.


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