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Things Really are Looking Up for President Obama​

I must say, in the past four years, there have been moments of doubt, moments of despair, but I never lost faith in our president.  Now that he has won reelection, we can look back at the results we are left with from the past four years.  When Bush left office, unemployment was in the … Continue reading

Mourdock’s Extremism Brought to Light​

My home state hasn’t garnered much attention during this election.  Although Indiana was a blue state in the last Presidential election, it is a pretty sure bet that the electoral votes for Indiana are going to Romney this time around.  I understand why we would be largely ignored during the Presidential race, but we do … Continue reading

​Crazy Talk

What was Mike Brown, Head Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, thinking of when he said that the Lakers were “ahead of schedule”?  Ahead of what?  Is he watching the games his teams are playing?  Was he referring to a friend who is coaching a local 45 and older league back in his hometown? Does … Continue reading

The Chump

The past few months Donald Trump has been playing up his ‘big announcement’ about President Obama.  On Wednesday, Trump announced that he would be offering a 5 million dollar donation to President Obama’s favorite charity in exchange for a copy of President Obama’s College records and applications.  This shows how desperate the right is getting, … Continue reading

How Sweep It Is

The San Francisco Giants are Champions again after sweeping the Detroit Tigers 4-0.  This series was not even close.  Who would have thought at the beginning of the season, the Giants, without their eccentric closer Brian Wilson, would win the World Series. He was lost for the season after he tore his ulnar collateral ligament … Continue reading

​The Obama Debate Beat Down

There was fear that he would go too far.  There was fear that he would not go far enough.  After President Obama’s performance in the first debate, there was the fear that the path FORWARD was closed, abdicated by our chosen leader who in a moment of weariness let the Great Prevaricator yank the baton … Continue reading

​Lance Armstrong, Role Model, Not…​

I have said this on the ACD for months, and finally it came to fruition.  Last Monday the International Cycling Union (ICU), stripped Lance Armstrong of all 7 of his Tour de France titles and banned him for life. This is coming off the recommendations from the United States Anti-Doping Agency in August.  The USADA … Continue reading

The Wealthiest Dead Celebrities

Whoever said, you can’t take it with you, was absolutely right, but it doesn’t keep celebrities from raking it in after death.  MSN had their top 5 picks of the wealthiest dead celebrities.  Here goes….. ​ No.5…Bob Marley at 17 million.  Money made from Marley Mellow Mood drinks, House of Marley which sells headphones, speakers, … Continue reading

Hoosier Basketball Gets Championship Fever​

As a native Hoosier, basketball has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  I’ve played basketball in good weather and bad.  Rain or shine.  Sun or snow.  In the blistering sun and dark of night.  I grew up on stories of Milan high school’s miracle win and IU’s tradition … Continue reading


This week I found a Facebook page entitled ‘f*ck the troops’.  I couldn’t believe my eyes, maybe ‘the troops’ were a rock band, or a group of thugs that weren’t popular.  To my dismay I found this page is the real thing, they don’t support our troops, they relish in the death of soldiers.  The first post by the … Continue reading

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